Knowledge progresses, technology improves and the know how sharing.

We live in an era where it is always easier to compete with professional production while sitting comfortably in front of the laptop.

As for my little world, I can say that many things that I contemplate as a child, such as nature photography or the development of high-level software (even if on my little commodore 64), they are within everyone’s reach today.

Wandering on social media I discovered another current this time related to history. There are various groups and artists who more than professionally, they manage to color photos of the Second and First World War in high quality. Their photographic works that have nothing to envy to high budget productions.

In particular, I will focus on the Ww2colourised facebook group (they also have an Instagram page), they publishes photos of the Second World War colored in high quality with the help of artists from all over the world.

We are not referring only to icons of the Second World War but about ordinary people. Soldiers and locations that we have hardly seen in documentaries or collections but that these photos show themselves in the splendor of color and high definition.

And so it’s that by returning the color of these vintage photos, it reveals that some images seem extremely modern, as if they were taken on a movie set or during an evocation of historical re-enactment. Some portraits look so modern that they leave us speechless.

Among the most prolific artists we have Colourised PIECE of Jake, In Colore Veritas, Color by RJM, Colour by Doug and the list goes on.

There is a small tutorial that generally explains the method used for coloring photos.

Each photo has a studio behind it, they have devoted patience and attention to detail that seems obsessive to the extreme.

Following, here are some of the photos that most capture my eye.

I hope you will enjoy as much as I do the work of these fantastic artists who I wish them to continue this path.

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