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Winter 2017. The idea of a new project is born during a photographic journey.

I had been thinking about it for some time. We are a group of friends and wildlife photographers. We have so much indetid material, a “true” passion and a constant desire to improve ourselves.

Why not? Make a 360° project where to talk about wildlife photography and everything that surrounds it.

We don’t need to explain so much, we understand each other on the fly. In a short time, we have a site, a Facebook group and an Instagram profile theat you can follow.

The keyword of the project is “sharing“. In this regard, I like to remember the article I wrote to announce the creation of the Facebook group: “Wild Peregrine started as a diary, it’s a guide with the aim of sharing your passion with a group of people. We believe that sharing is what has allowed humans to evolve and to perform extraordinary feats. Sharing makes it possible to learn very quickly what others have acquired through experience and to Evolve means to continue where others have stopped.

It’s with this idea that I invite you to follow the project actively. Many people have already shared experiences and projects with us. will never fail to thank them because their contribution is important and with great value for us, it helps us to grow and evolve because in life we never stop learning.

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