Wildperegrine collaborates with a Life Project

Summer 2019. Wildperegrine is pleased to collaborate on an EU-funded Life Project which is part of Natura 2000, the European network for the protection and conservation of animal and plant habitats and species. The network founded by me, Francesco and Davide, will share the photos taken in the places of interest of the Life Granatha project.

An excellent opportunity to make our work known and help such an interesting and important project.

On Wildperegrine.com an interesting interview with Tommaso Campedelli Ornithologist of DREAM Italia. He follows the project very closely.

The gallery on the Life Granatha website is here.

Here are some of my photos shared with Life Granatha:

  • Sylvia undata
  • Sylvia cantillans moltonii
  • Caprimulgus europaeus
  • Sylvia communis